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Wishlist’s Annual Research Funding Commitment Doubled

22nd April, 2014

Today, no one would dream of calming an infant with morphine, prescribing electric shocks for male impotency or using heroin to relieve asthma symptoms.

Thanks to the research efforts of medical professionals throughout the decades, we enjoy a far greater quality of health care than did our predecessors, with many once life-threatening diseases and conditions now a faded memory.

Researchers on the Sunshine Coast are helping make significant headway in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care and building the future of medicine thanks in part to Wishlist’s annual research funding round which gives qualified local applicants the opportunity to develop their research projects.

The 2014 Research Funding Round has been announced by Wishlist to open on Monday, 31st March. Applications must be received by 30th June 2014. Successful applicants’ projects must have a direct relevance to the Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service’s strategic direction and an impact at a local level on service delivery and patient care.

With research becoming more and more relevant to our region as the Sunshine Coast University Hospital draws closer, a hospital driven by teaching and research, Wishlist has doubled its annual commitment to research this year for a total spend of $300,000 which includes an available $150,000 in funding for local research projects.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said each year she was impressed by the quality of applications received and excited about what these research projects will deliver to the Sunshine Coast. “Wishlist is fully committed to the fact that research funding will feature more and more in the work we do for this community,” she said.

“We will focus more fundraising efforts on research funding to develop an ongoing culture of learning, attract the most committed of specialists to care for local families, and put the Coast on the map as a leading region for innovation.”

For more information on Wishlist’s Research funding, visit www.wishlist.org.au.