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Wishlist volunteer Q&A – Cheryl Jeynes

19th May, 2021

When did you start volunteering at Wishlist?

I’ve been volunteering at Reed House since Wishlist took over it three years ago, and 11 years prior to that. I also joined the Wishlist Coffee House Nambour team in June last year.

What do you like most about volunteering at Wishlist?

The volunteers I work alongside have a very good ethic, who want to help and support those in need. The guests are often battling with their physical health, so we try and be there when they need someone to talk to. I love that we can support them financially with low cost accommodation. This takes the worry and stress out of it and it’s not just like booking into a hotel – we are also providing that extra caring touch.

What is a typical Tuesday and Wednesday?

On Tuesday at Reed House, I take care of admin including the banking and paperwork. It’s booking people in at the last minute, answering the phone, welcoming guests, taking them up to their rooms, and making sure they are comfortable. I also drive guests needing treatment at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

On Wednesday at Wishlist Coffee House Nambour, I help with all sorts of food preparation and it’s a lot of fun.  I assist the chefs by making salads and sandwiches, cutting up vegetables and baking cakes. Some people come in with special orders and we try to cater for them, provide a good service and keep those customers returning. 

Any touching stories you’d like to share?

Lots and Lots. We had a couple from Victoria on a caravan holiday and the husband had a stroke, so his wife stayed with us, while he was in Nambour Hospital. All their relatives came up from Victoria and stayed too. It’s so convenient that our guests can just walk up to the hospital and visit their loved one. Reed House has a family atmosphere and we really care for our guests and get to know them – we try to make it a ‘home away from home’.