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Wishlist SERTF Research grants announced

7th January, 2021

Congratulations to the following Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service staff who have been awarded a Wishlist/SERTF (Study, Education, Research Trust Fund) Collaborative Grant

• Denise Lijie Kee ($3,960) “Where Resistance Testing Meets clinical Practice: The Interface between Results and Meaning”

• Dr Ogilvie Thom ($36,000) “Emergency Department treatment of the drowning victim”• Dr Myo Min ($19,118.79) “Functional Imaging Guided Radiation Therapy using Diffusion-Weighted MRI”

• A/Prof Helmut Schaider ($49,874) “Determine genetic and epigenetic markers of proliferating naevi in high risk melanoma patients”

• Julie Creen ($10,000) “Advanced Allied Health Practice: Parental Engagement and Motivation in managing children with Developmental and Behavioural difficulties”

• Dr Andrew Walczak ($10,000) “Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bloodstream Infections, clinical outcomes, resistance mechanisms and virulence”

• Josie Greaves ($9,397.16) “Birawan midwifery service: use of Yarning Circles to understand Aboriginal women’s experience of maternity services at SCUH”

Photo: Josie Greaves.

• Dr Edwin Kruys ($9,987.56) “Discharging patients from hospital: Perspectives of hospital doctors and general practitioners”

• A/Prof Gregory Duncombe ($50,000) “Reducing emergency casesarean birth for fetal distress in women with small or poorly grown infants using Sildenafil Citrate – RidStress2RCT”

• A/Prof Rathika Krishnasamy ($19,998.93) “Validation of Clinical Trial Outcomes Using Hospital Administrative Date and Electronic Medical Records – A Data Linkage Project”

• A/Prof Nicholas Gray ($46,029) “Caregivers of treatment modalities for the infirm elderly with end stage kidney disease: the Co-TIMELY study”

• Dr Leith Banney ($9,837.99) “Pilot comparison of a combination of topical 5% fluorouracil (5FU) and calcipotriol with 5FU in the treatment of early skin cancer”.