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Wishlist House supports Kingaroy family

6th May, 2021

It was a Friday afternoon nobody expected, but the Goodrich family will never forget it.

On February 5, The Goodrich’s two-year-old daughter Charli, suffered a collapsed lung which prompted an emergency helicopter flight from Kingaroy Hospital to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH).

Charli’s mum Letisha Goodrich said in the week leading up to the hospital trip, there were no major warning signs and Charli was given the ‘all clear’ after multiple visits to the doctor.

“Charli’s health continued to deteriorate on the first night at SCUH and we learned she also had respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and pneumonia,” Mrs Goodrich said.

Photo: Charli Goodrich after surgery.

Charli was put onto life-support as her little body started “shutting down” and was then flown to the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) in Brisbane for critical care. 

“Doctors later told us while Charli was on life support and in surgery at the Children’s Hospital that she was battling sepsis which is an extreme immune response to an infection and can be fatal.

“It’s a frightening sight to see your daughter with all these tubes attached to her and knowing there is very little my husband and I could do.”

Charli spent a week in critical care hooked up to life-saving machines to keep her heart beating, and a further two weeks on a machine to support her lungs.

Photo: Charli in hospital.

On March 9, the toddler was transferred back to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital for care which was when Letisha and her husband Jake were able to stay at Wishlist House in Birtinya.

“We live three hours away in Kingaroy which made it impossible for us to travel back and sleep in our own bed.”

Having first-hand experience of the stress that comes with having a critically ill child in hospital hundreds of kilometres from home, Mrs Goodrich has thrown her full support behind Wishlist’s latest project – Wishlist Centre.

Construction on the four-level facility to be built opposite SCUH will start in the coming months and will provide 18 self-contained rooms to support patients and families who need to be close to SCUH for ongoing treatment.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said a $12 million Federal Government grant would fund Stage One of Wishlist Centre, however more funding was needed for the fit-out before opening in late 2022.

“Additional funding is needed to ensure Wishlist Centre is a comfortable and supportive environment for patients and their families during an ongoing health crisis,” Ms Rowe said.

“Our current accommodation facilities – Reed House and Wishlist House – are increasingly busy, especially with patients and family members from Kingaroy, Gympie, Cooloola, Maryborough and surrounds.”

Artist Impression of Wishlist Centre

Thankfully Charli is now back at home in Kingaroy learning to walk, talk and eat again. She is expected to make a full recovery in the next 12 months.

“Wishlist House was a godsend for our family and provided comfort and stability during our darkest days,” Mrs Goodrich said. 

“I see so many posts on Facebook and hear that families are struggling going back and forth to see loved ones who need treatment on the Sunny Coast.

Photo: The Goodrich Family

“Not many know about the wonderful work Wishlist does and what they offer families needing somewhere closer to stay and have peace of mind knowing they are closer to loved ones.”

To find out more about Wishlist accommodation or Wishlist Centre visit wishlist.org.au or phone 5441 1049.