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Wishlist funds mental health program

10th February, 2022

Wishlist has committed to funding a $120,000 Mental Health and Wellness Program to deliver vital mental health support to hard-working Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services staff.

The program will enable health staff to access workshops and sessions to help ease stress and anxiety within the workplace.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said healthcare workers had been experiencing a heightened mental health burden since the start of the global pandemic.

“The mental health of our nurses, doctors, allied health and operational staff within our public hospitals is paramount and we are proud to be able to invest significant funds to help improve wellness for our health heroes,” Ms Rowe said.

“The program will feature both in-person and online sessions tailored to a range of different streams.

Lisa Rowe

“Initiatives will include mental health awareness sessions, workshops to help those dealing with distress, a SafeTalk program and mental health coaching which Wishlist will fund to be undertaken by the USC Thompson Institute.

“This is a significant investment from Wishlist and the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services to ensure those who look after us are also being looked after.”

Fast facts:

  • 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health illness this year.
  • Mental illness is the second largest health-related disability in Australia.