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Wishlist Funded Maternity Ward Upgrade

16th April, 2021

Wishlist recently funded an upgrade to the Maternity Unit to provide a home-like environment for birthing mums.

Joanna Green from the Sunshine Coast Midwifery Group Practice said: “We are so excited to see the Birth Centre refurbishment project starting to come to life thanks to your donations.

“The vision of the Birth Centre’s refurbishment project is to provide a “home like” environment within a hospital setting that creates a calming, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for women and their families to welcome their babies into the world.

“The scenic images by Brett McIntosh have been installed in two of the rooms and aim to soften the space, making them more inviting and less clinical to help support the physiological process of birth.

“The Birth Centre rooms are currently available for women who are receiving maternity care through the Midwifery Group Practice and mainstream midwifery care at SCUH or Private Practice Midwifery Care who meet the Birth Centre Criteria.”