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Wishlist coffee house seeking volunteers

31st January, 2019

Thanks to the hard work of local volunteers, the Wishlist Coffee House has raised $370,000 for the Gympie Hospital in just six years.  Now, they need your help.

Wishlist is calling out for more volunteers at the Wishlist Coffee House, based outside Gympie Hospital, to be a part of something positive and help reach a massive $500,000 milestone.

The Wishlist Coffee House opened its doors in 2013, and quickly became a social hub and convenient coffee stop for anyone using Gympie Hospital.

Already this year, funds raised through the Coffee House has allowed Wishlist to enhance the Gympie Hospital service through funding of a $15000 refurbishment of the Maternity and Paediatric Emergency Units as well as $8,095 for Sozo Lymphoma Index for early detection and screening of Lymphoedema – a condition which commonly occurs as a result of cancer treatment.

Run by manager, Richard Ward, and armed with a team of hard working volunteers, the Wishlist Coffee House provides fresh, healthy food and drinks for staff, patients and visitors of the Gympie Hospital. With 100 per cent of its proceeds going towards the needs of the hospital, the Wishlist Coffee House is a great asset to the Gympie community.

Manager Richard Ward is currently calling on volunteers to donate some time to assist however they can.

“Our volunteers enjoy working here as it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends, gain new skills and utilise past experience. They also feel proud knowing they are giving something back to the community.”

“Volunteers get back into the work force, take holidays, or in some cases move away, so we need a continuous stream of volunteers to keep us going strong.”

richard“It’s not a requirement that our volunteers have experience, we teach them how we operate and appreciate the time they have to offer. Our volunteers do a range of things, from cleaning and preparing food to making coffee and serving customers, and we value everything they do for us.

“We work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time, usually at my expense,” Richard said

The Coffee House is urgently seeking volunteers, so if you or someone you know has a few hours to spare please phone the Wishlist office on 5470 6598 or email us at: sc-wishlist@health.qld.gov.au.