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3rd April, 2018

This week, Wishlist Coffee house in Gympie Hospital will celebrate providing the local health service and community with their daily coffee fix for five years.

Wishlist Coffee House opened in 2013 and in just five years they have brewed up a $238,000 profit, which has been directed to the needs of Gympie Hospital.

The volunteer-based shop at Gympie Hospital raises vital funds for the local health service and has been responsible for several equipment purchases and upgrades, including rehabilitation equipment, palliative care beds, a BP Monitor for the Specialist Outpatient Department, a CMac Laryngoscope for the Emergency Department and more.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said Wishlist was recently able to purchase four Dexcom monitors for paediatric diabetes patients being treated in Gympie.

“These Dexcom monitors provide real-time around the clock blood glucose measurement, eliminating the need for several finger pricks throughout the day,” Ms Rowe said.

Wishlist Coffee House manager Richard Ward with Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe
Wishlist Coffee House manager Richard Ward with Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe

“For parents with diabetic children, this technology provides peace of mind. Parents can also pair the device with their smartphones so an alert can be sent when a patient’s glucose levels are outside of the normal range.

“This purchase is a major win for our regional hospital and it will allow local patients the chance to trial these devices.”

Coffee House Manager Richard Ward said he is most proud that his staff of volunteers directly help the local hospital.

“In just five short years, to know that our customers and volunteers have funded hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical equipment and upgrades for our local hospital is incredibly rewarding,” Mr Ward said.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to see the equipment we have funded saving lives.”

Wishlist Coffee House will celebrate five successful years on Thursday April 5 with cake, balloons and birthday fanfare.

The café is located near the Emergency Department at Gympie Hospital.

If you are interested in lending a hand at the Wishlist Coffee House, drop in and pick up an application form or phone the shop on 5489 8513.

Some of Wishlist’s Gympie purchases thanks to Wishlist Coffee House:

  • Point of Care Ultrasound – $58,000
  • BiPap Vision Machine – $38,125
  • Self-care renal dialysis unit – $37,000
  • BiPap Non-Invasive Ventilator – $36,946
  • Neuro-perfusion kit for stroke patients – $33,000
  • CMac Laryngoscope – $28,073
  • Emergency video conferencing – $22,100
  • M7 stretcher for Outpatients Department – $21,000
  • Upgrade to staff quarters – $12,000
  • Occupational Therapy equipment – $9,711
  • Speech Pathology – $9,500
  • Operating hysteroscope – $7,657
  • A BP monitor – $4,988
  • Training Centre – $4,560
  • Vital signs monitor for cancer patients – $3,620
  • Neonatal heart monitor – $3,600
  • Blood warmer – $3,550
  • Diabetes equipment – $3,000
  • Chair scales – $2,720
  • Palliative Care Princess Chairs – $2,684
  • Four Dexcom monitors – $2,600
  • Exercise equipment for physiotherapy – $780