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Wishlist seeks voluntary Board Member

8th March, 2022

Suitably skilled people are sought by the local not-for-profit hospital foundation known as Wishlist for appointment by the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services. 

To complement a highly skilled and active board of directors all interested parties should possess some or all of the following skills and expertise.

– Significant management experience
– Have a positive position on corporate social responsibility
– Be a proven strategic thinker
– Have experience at Board Level
– Be passionate about philanthropy and in particular the work of the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation (Wishlist)
– Have strong links to community and business sector
– Possess an understanding of health sector/government
– Be a dynamic and innovative leader

Legislative requirements (Hospitals Foundations Act 1982, Part 5, S18. 3(b)) requires that “a body corporate will include membership of an employee of a university or other body providing education at tertiary level with which the body corporate has been associated”. Preference will be given to applicants associated with the University of the Sunshine Coast or other educational bodies supporting the work of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.
To enhance the skillset of the current board a person from the local business/corporate sector would be of benefit to our organisation. 
The nominated candidates will have attained a significant level of success in their respected fields and be team players who are prepared to commit fully and enthusiastically to their roles as honorary Directors of the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation. Additional to the professional specialties outlined above a strong personal and work ethic is required.
The obligation is to prepare for and attend six board meetings (approximately 2 hours) and 11 board sub-committee meetings each year (approximately 1.5 hours each), as well as representing Wishlist at various networking and promotional opportunities from time to time. 
Board members are also expected to provide informal advice to the Wishlist team in their specialist areas and seek opportunities to promote Wishlist in the local community and business sector.

Interested parties should forward their CV and a cover letter to sc-wishlist@health.qld.gov.au.