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Recently Funded

What We Have Recently Funded

From funding innovative medical research to purchasing vital equipment and upgrading services, your support has changed the lives of Sunshine Coast patients and their families.

Image - Smileyscopes


5 virtual reality goggles have been funded by the Give Me 5 appeal to distract patients receiving painful tests or procedure.

Image - Resuscitation System

Resuscitation System

A Giraffe Star Neonatal Resuscitation System which will be part of the life-saving equipment in our emergency department.

Image - Portable Ultrasounds

Portable Ultrasounds

Two portable ultrasounds for mums using the Maternity Outreach Service.

Image - Blood Analyser

Blood Analyser

A Radiometer Arterial Blood Gas Analyser Flex 90 Plus will improve the accuracy of blood analysis for at-risk newborns.

Image - Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors

20 blood pressure monitors will be loaned to heart patients for a 3 month period to closely monitor their blood pressure.

Image - Buzzy Bee Devices

Buzzy Bee Devices

Buzzy bee distraction devices are being used in the Ambulatory Care Unit at SCUH to distract patients undergoing procedures.

Image - Acute Pain Leaflets

Acute Pain Leaflets

Acute Pain leaflets are circulating Emergency & Surgical Departments to provide patients with a clear pain management plan.

Image - Scope Guides

Scope Guides

3 Scope Guides to enhance colonoscopy and enteroscopy procedures.

Image - Interactive Play Area

Interactive Play Area

Interactive Play Area in the Extended Day Surgery Unit.

Image - Ophthalmology Equipment

Ophthalmology Equipment

6 vital pieces of Ophthalmology Equipment for the Caloundra Ophthalmology Unit.

Image - Specialised Spinal Bed

Specialised Spinal Bed

A Specialised Spinal Bed for the Intensive Care Unit to help safely turn patients who have unstable spines.

Image - Breech Baby Workshop

Breech Baby Workshop

A Breech Baby workshop to upskill staff to deliver breech babies safely.

Image - Brain Trainer Plus Program

Brain Trainer Plus Program

Brain Trainer Plus Program to help stroke patients in their recovery.

Image - AccuVein


AccuVein equipment to aid in easy cannulation of babies and children, as well as cancer patients at the Adem Crosby Center.

Image - Transonic Machine

Transonic Machine

Transonic Machine to help detect abnormal blood flow which can reduce stress and trauma to dialysis patients.

Image - Parents Retreat

Parents Retreat

The Parents Retreat makes life a little easier for parents of pre-term babies.

Image - Colposcope


Lessening patient wait times and aid faster diagnosis of women’s cancers.

Image - Rhino-Laryngoscope


With video monitoring, assists cancer patients undergoing radiation at the Adem Crosby Centre.

Image - Smart TV, Wall Bracket & Soundbar

Smart TV, Wall Bracket & Soundbar

To enhance the Maternity service and aid staff training.

Image - Wall Print

Wall Print

To help create a calming and soothing environment as you welcome your baby.