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Our Wish List

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Our Wish List

Help us make the hospital experience better for you and your family.

Can you help?

How Your Support Helps

From funding innovative medical research to purchasing vital equipment and upgrading services, your support will change the lives of Sunshine Coast patients and their families.

Medical Equipment

Image - YAG Laser

YAG Laser

Ophthalmology clinicians can administer immediate treatment onsite to reduce the risk of permanent eye damage $48,213.

Services and Special Programs

Image - Parental Support & Youth Advisory

Parental Support & Youth Advisory

To support young adults and provide a circle-of-care for mental health patients. $218,000.

Image - Clown Doctors

Clown Doctors

Ongoing funding to bring laughter to sick children at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. $110,800 per annum.

Image - Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Ongoing funding for Dove Palliative Care at Caloundra Hospital (15 hours per week.) $43,000 per annum.

Image - Calm Fairies

Calm Fairies

Ongoing funding for the Children’s Ward. $13,000 per annum.

Image - Juvenile Diabetes Program

Juvenile Diabetes Program

Ongoing funding for the Juvenile diabetes programs on the Coast.

Image - Delta Therapy Dog Program

Delta Therapy Dog Program

Ongoing funding for the Delta Therapy Dog Program.

Image - SCHHS Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing Program

SCHHS Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing Program

$115k has been committed to mental health and wellbeing initiatives including awareness sessions, SafeTalk Program & coaching

Health Service Infrastructure

Image - Wishlist Centre

Wishlist Centre

Our newest accommodation and transitionary care facility being built across from the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Image - Family Accommodation

Family Accommodation

Near the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to keep families together at critical times of need.

Medical Research & Education

Image - Staff Scholarship Funding

Staff Scholarship Funding

$100,000 per annum.

Image - Support Medical Researchers

Support Medical Researchers

In finding cures, promoting improvements in health care and implementing evidence-based practices. $1.4 million since 2009.

You or your business can sponsor a local research project and be kept up to date with the project progression and have the researcher provide regular updates to you, your team and your supporters.
Email us at sc-wishlist@health.qld.gov.au to find out more.