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Virtual Reality helps young patients

7th September, 2021

Just over two months ago Lilly Pyke was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and for 10 weeks she has to be fed through a tube as part of her treatment.

It’s a tough and often painful journey for the 10 year old, and at 8 weeks into the new diet Lilly’s feeding tube ruptured early one morning.

The brave Golden Beach youngster attended the Emergency Department at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital where she met Clinical Nurse Consultant Rebecca Halsall.

Thanks to a brand new piece of equipment – a set of Wishlist-funded virtual reality goggles – Ms Halsall and her team were able to distract and calm Lilly while they reinserted a new feeding tube.

There was no sedation needed and Lilly was able to undergo this procedure while she was awake.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is the first Queensland hospital using this type of equipment in an emergency setting, and it’s all thanks to 92.7 MIX FM Give Me 5 donors.