Two minutes with Sunshine Toyota Principal Darren Venning - Wishlist Org
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Two minutes with Sunshine Toyota Principal Darren Venning

23rd March, 2018

1.       How long have you been involved with Wishlist? 

Sunshine Toyota has had a long association with Wishlist. When my family and I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2012, we recognised the wonderful work Wishlist does in our community and continued to support the organisation. In 2014 we strengthened that relationship by becoming Alliance Partners.

Darren Venning Head Shot2.       Why do you personally connect with Wishlist’s vision? 

I feel strongly about supporting our local hospital and health service employees as they work so tirelessly to support our community. I also take great pride in the fundraising we have done for medical research on the Sunshine Coast which brings highly specialised medical professionals to our hospitals and in turn creates more jobs on the coast. 

3.       What do you believe are the highlights to the partnership?

We are proud to support Wishlist who really make a difference in the lives of patients in hospital (and their families) as well as our health service employees. Our partnership with Wishlist also provides my team with many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer in the community. I find this breeds a culture of compassion, pride and strong team morale in our business. These experiences are invaluable.

4.       Why does Sunshine Toyota place such a high value on ‘giving back’?

We place great importance in strengthening the community through our various local partnerships. I think it is important for our team members to feel aligned and attached to our value set and giving back in the community is a big part of that. On top of that, giving back certainly feels good!

5.       Why should people come to see you for a new or used vehicle or to service their current vehicle?

We are a family owned local business dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers and delivering a best-in-town experience. We feel strongly about giving back in the community and by supporting our business you are having a direct and positive impact on the lives of many others. Our motto is “I’m Feelin’ Good Now” and that is exactly how we want you to feel when you do business with Sunshine Toyota