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27th May, 2014

Fluroscan Insight – Mini C Arm System for Medical Imaging, Nambour Hospital – $115,885

The number one priority for Nambour Hospital at the moment is a $115,885 Fluoroscan – Mini C Arm System for the Operating Theatres.

It is an imaging device that is used in theatre to image extremities during orthopaedic procedures, such as fracture reductions and wire insertions. As it uses less radiation than conventional equipment it is ideal to use on children. This equipment does not require a trained radiographer which allows other clinicians to perform the imaging, reducing anaesthetic times for patients. There are many benefits to both patients and staff with this equipment including:

  • Minimised radiation to the patient
  • Allows surgical staff to X-ray the patient faster, which can reduce the time spent under anaesthetic.
  • Reducing waiting times for the X-ray in theatre.
  • The Mini C-arm can be used for about 70% of patients with broken or dislocated ankles, wrists, elbows, arms and legs, who require surgery – many of whom are paediatric patients.
  • More efficient use of time – patients sometimes require an X-ray in theatre before surgery and accessing a radiographer without notice can be problematic. The Mini C-arm will have a flow-on effect, freeing staff to both X-ray and perform the surgery, as well as freeing up the radiographer.

We have raised more than $76,000 already and only require $40,000 more to reach our goal for this piece of equipment.

Will you make a donation towards this priority item?