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Safety first for The House The Coast Built

5th June, 2019

Buildsafe is a national company with a big heart.  They’ve been tasked with ensuring the safety of everyone working to construct The House The Coast Built. And they’re doing it for free!

Answering the call to help Wishlist and Ausmar Homes build a home away from home for families with critically-ill loved ones at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, the Sunshine Coast branch of Buildsafe have generously provided the scaffolding and manpower for the ambitious community project.

Buildsafe Account Manager, Aaron Weston said their donation of labour and materials was the least they could do.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for our team to support a project that we all care dearly about.

“Ausmar Homes has been a Buildsafe partner for a number of years. When they approached us to part of The House The Coast Built, we dived in head-first!”

Aaron has more than community spirit driving his support of the affordable accommodation project. He understands, first-hand, the importance of having a place to stay, close to hospital.

“We spent a week in ICU with the birth of my first daughter. We met multiple families, coming and going, that were being supported by the Ronald McDonald House.

“I believe these types of projects are so beneficial to the larger community and really touch our hearts,” said Mr Weston.

Close to 50 other businesses from across the Coast have come together to help build The House The Coast Built—a legacy to help thousands of families through a tough time.

The roof is set to go on the 6-bedroom, two-story home this week marking another major milestone for the project.

If you’d like to contribute to The House The Coast Built, visit