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Background Image - Rossco’s raffle raises over $18,000 for local groups

Rossco’s raffle raises over $18,000 for local groups

31st August, 2021

Ross ‘Rossco’ Dale has been running the Sunday raffles at the Palmwoods Hotel for many years on behalf of the key clubs that the Palmwoods Hotel sponsors – and his favourite charity – Wishlist.

The raffles over the past 18 months have raised $18,250 and will be split between local sporting clubs and Wishlist.

Thanks to Rossco and the Palmwoods Colts Winter Cricket, $5,475 will be directed to Wishlist.

Rossco, a sport tragic, has been involved heavily in community sport for 40 years and said it’s good to know exactly where the money goes when giving to a charity.

The 60-year-old has taken some time out recently due to a three-toe amputation, but can’t wait to get back to his Sunday afternoon ritual.

Palmwoods Hotel Owner Rick Gazzard said he wanted to thank Rossco for his fundraising efforts and wish him a speedy recovery.

“Our patrons look forward to seeing Rossco’s friendly smile on Sundays. He is very passionate about what he does and we are happy to help him continue the great work,” Rick said.

100% of the cheque will go towards making the hospital experience a little brighter for families enduring a health crisis. To donate visit: