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Radio station supporting holistic adolescent project

7th June, 2022

Sunshine Coast Medical Director Doctor Rachel Taylor is devising a plan to merge adolescent mental and adult health services to create a much smoother process for patients and families experiencing a health crisis.

Through this month’s 92.7 MIX FM Give Me 5 appeal, you too can help to fund this innovative new project which will operate out of our public hospitals.

Dr Taylor is a Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Clinical Psychiatrist, who works with at-risk young people, and is working with hospital charity Wishlist to fund a nurse position as part of the Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) working party.

This nurse will work to establish the best of course of action to bridge the gap between adolescent health cases who are entering the adult health system.  

Currently, there has been a 469% increase of 12-25-year-olds presenting to public hospitals across Queensland, which includes hospitals on the Sunshine Coast.

Radio host Caroline Hutchinson, Dr Rachel Taylor, Nurse Bram Morton and radio host Mark Darin.

“I am aware of models of care where mental health and adult health services are co-located in the hospital. This model also incorporates education, employment and drug and alcohol agencies, and it’s really giving people a one stop shop. It would be great if patients won’t need to go all over the Coast to have their needs met,” Dr Taylor said.                  

As part of 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal this June, funds will be directed to fund a nurse for the Adolescent and Young Adult program, as well as funding innovative mental health programs which will operate out of Wishlist Centre opening later this year opposite the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

“Everything we have here are the ingredients for success. We have the reach, we have the voice, we have a great bunch of clinicians and management open to this, and we’re so lucky to have Wishlist endorsing the project. We want to be a country leader,” Dr Taylor added.

Help fund this important new project by attending a 92.7 MIX FM Give Me 5 event, or donate here.