9th May, 2017

More than 60 intensive care doctors and academics from across the state will converge on the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) next week for a Queensland-first thinktank.The inaugural Wishlist-funded Queensland Critical Care Research Forum on the 10th of May is headed by SCUH Intensive Care Physician Dr John Moore and will be the first of its type in Queensland.


“This conference will bring together world-class researchers and clinicians to develop research which matters to Queensland,” Dr Moore said.

SCUH ICU physician Dr John Moore
SCUH ICU physician Dr John Moore


“Currently we have over 60 registered delegates including specialists, academic university researchers, Intensive Care research coordinators and allied health researchers travelling from across the state to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.”


The event is designed to bring together a collaborative of intensive care units to coordinate and support research within Queensland hospitals.


“It draws together the active researchers in the state with a broad array of skills and expertise,” Dr Moore said.


“The region has a number of research units which are excelling and a others with significant potential to develop, particularly as part of a collaborative network.”


Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, from the University of Melbourne, will be the keynote speaker on the day and was recently named one of the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers.


“The award places him in the top one per cent of researchers in the world in terms of influence and impact,” Dr Moore said.


“His expertise is in intensive care research and building research collaborations.”


Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said the day would also feature novel research idea sessions moderated by a group of senior researchers.


“This is a fantastic, and often rare, opportunity for novice researchers to receive advice and feedback from those at the height of their careers,” Ms Rowe said.

“Wishlist is proud to be supporting this high-level conference to bring together the best and brightest in the intensive care field.


“The Queensland Critical Care Research Forum will undoubtedly have a positive and direct impact on patient care in the future.”


Dr Moore hopes the one-day conference will be become an annual event for Queensland.


“We hope that the day will improve collaboration between hospitals in the region, will allow major centres access to smaller units to help conduct their multi-centre work, and importantly will give the less developed units the opportunity to develop their research,” Dr Moore said.