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Our CEO’s personal experience of severe childhood illness

9th June, 2022

When I was a kid our life was turned upside down with the traumatic experience of my brother’s health crisis.

Life was rosey, normal and safe, until one day it wasn’t.

And all we knew – our home routine, school-day torment, childhood innocence was gone and replaced with fear, uncertainty, prayers – and a whole new world of waiting.
We were waiting for the daily doctor rounds, waiting until an accommodation room became available and waiting for answers to the only questions that mattered – will he be okay and when can we all go home?

Eventually, my brother was okay and eventually we did get to go home, but a health crisis changes you forever. Once you’ve embarked on a hospital journey where time is measured in the breaths your loved one takes, and routine becomes that of visiting hours, doctors rounds and tea carts – you’re eternally grateful for the wonder of modern medicine, and the dedicated souls who devote their life to it.

I’ll always remember the people we met. The doctors, the nurses, the families in the accommodation centre, united in fear and despair, the volunteers, the generosity of community, the kindness of strangers.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe

Practical help for those dealing with severe childhood illness

Every year in June the Sunshine Coast wraps their arms around families like mine all those years ago – and we do what we can to make life a little easier. From the little things – distraction during a long day in a hospital bed, affordable accommodation near the hospital, equipment to transfer you more quickly and more safely between hospitals in an ambulance or helicopter, a decent coffee machine in the family room.

92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal has led to $6 million worth of vital resources which has made a massive impact on services that each of our families rely on.
And we’re luckier than you know, because the Sunshine Coast is the ONLY place in all of Australia still holding this month-long appeal – thanks to 92.7 Mix FM.

Listen to Mix FM, attend a fundraising event, dig deep at an auction or make a donation, and give a little helping hand to families facing dark days.

Click here to see how your donation will make a real difference to those dealing with childhood illness on the Sunshine Coast!