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On the Wish List: Versa Care Beds for Patient Comfort and Safety

27th May, 2014

3 Hill-Rom Versa Care Beds, ESU Gympie = $39,588

Wishlist recently funded a $13,000 Versa care Bed for the Palliative Care Unit at Gympie Hospital, of which another three are still needed. These beds make a big difference to the comfort and safety of patients as they can tilt a number of ways that helps ease the pressure on the body which often occurs when using a standard bed. Other significant benefits of these beds include:

  • Reduction in falls rate due to the 3 point positioning alarm monitoring system
  • Reduction in pressure injury rate due to the turn assist and the integrated air mattress
  • Increased comfort especially for our palliative care patients as staff will not have to physically turn patients due to the bed mechanics
  • Reduction in patient manual handling workplace incidents due to the bed mechanics
  • Provision of ‘Gold Standard Equipment’ for Gympie patients

The Versa Care beds will provide increased comfort to some of the most vulnerable patients in care – palliative, acute stroke and rehabilitation patients who are working to achieve their best possible health outcome.

Many of these patients are elderly or extremely compromised in their physical capabilities and these beds will assist in providing them with the best possible care.

Currently these beds are not available in Gympie Hospital though this type of bed is the ‘Gold Standard’ for the cohort of patients in palliative care. Patients who are bed bound can also be weighed accurately for medical & nutrition purposes due to the inbuilt scales.

Staff will have a decrease in workplace injuries as they will be able to use the bed mechanics when performing pressure area care.

Without these beds, Gympie Hospital staff have to prioritise which patients are in greater need of pressure injury relieving devices and/or high low beds due to the small numbers currently available. With an increased number of beds, patients will be able to be allocated an appropriate style of bed on admission.

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