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On the Wish List – The Breath of Life for Babies

27th May, 2014

Paediatric Ventilator for Caloundra DEM = $25,993

Respiratory failure; two words no parent ever wants to hear relating to their baby.

But for babies in the Caloundra area that will need to be ventilated due to respiratory failure, it will be greatly beneficial to have a state-of-the-art Oxylog 3000+ Paediatric Ventilator available to medical staff at Caloundra Hospital’s Emergency Department.

The Oxylog ventilator is designed for children in their first year of life and far supersedes the current one in efficiency. While ventilators are sometimes complicated to use and static, the Oxylog will easily allow staff to ventilate babies and still be able to transport them at the same time.

Another significant impact is the Oxylog’s capacity to ventilate much smaller babies from just 6 kilos up to 20 kilos using a specific paediatric airway circuit, whereas other ventilators are only used on paediatric patients weighing 20 kilos+.

Most of the babies in this age and weight range are transported by helicopter to a tertiary hospital in Brisbane for definitive care, and with the Oxylog 300+ also used by the retrieval team during transit, having the same ventilator greatly assists in the handover to the helicopter crew and provides ease of conversion to their equipment.

The paediatric ventilator will also keep us in line with the standard of care provided at other hospitals and is invaluable in a life support situation involving very young children.

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