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On the Wish List – Exercise Equipment for the Elderly

27th May, 2014

TCP Exercise Equipment for Glenbrook Aged Care Facility = $27,467

The Residential Transition Care Program accommodates mostly the 65 years and over age group. The program helps people get back to independent living, allowing them to return home and maintain their quality of life.

Recovery is slower in this age group and often there are many health issues to address. Failure to provide this service would result in people staying in hospital much longer, and being sent to Care Accommodation against their wishes and potential abilities.

In short, their quality of life would be greatly affected and the cost to us, the tax payer, would escalate. Physiotherapy is crucial for this program, because it is all about getting back to being mobile. Physical exercise has been researched and proven over and over again to be the key to unlocking the mobility door.

Vicki O’Shea from the physiotherapist team at Glenbrook says there are many therapy tools they use to facilitate physical exercise in elderly residents, although more are needed to ensure everyone can access the program when they need it. “The Residential Transition Care Program currently accommodates 18 patients who stay with us for 2-12 weeks depending on their condition,” Vicki explains. “We currently do several exercise classes daily and are always short of equipment to accommodate everyone in the classes. This means that some people miss out and our time as therapists is used less efficiently, so patients are in TCP for longer.

“Having this new equipment means we will be able to shorten the length of their stay and better utilise our services to work smarter. Our rehab service allows the ageing population on the Sunshine Coast to continue to contribute to our society by getting them back into the community,” Vicki says.

“It takes the pressure off families by keeping people active, independent and mobile for longer, and hence the flow on effect to the younger population and their mental and physical health is significant.”

In short, Wishlist needs your help in providing this priority equipment to ensure a high quality, evidence-based service to the Coast’s ageing population and their families.

Will you make a donation towards this priority item?