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Natalie’s story…

11th January, 2021

Each year more than 175,000 families in our region need emergency care at a local public hospital, and it’s a statistic many young families, like the Tink’s, know all too well.

“Both of my children have actually ended up in a hospital emergency department,” Mountain Creek mother Natalie Tink says.

“My son Kooper, he is now 11, but when he was four we had a terrifying situation where he couldn’t breathe and was turning blue and grey.

“He was swollen and he couldn’t talk so we didn’t know what was happening to him.”

Kooper had contracted a respiratory illness and was rushed by ambulance to Nambour Hospital.

“I felt totally unequipped and completely terrified,” Ms Tink recalls.

“Thankfully Kooper received the care that he needed and we were so grateful. It really rocked our world.

“It really hits home when you have kids. When something bad happens, you are at the mercy of what is available to you.

“When we walked out of that hospital, I came to realisation that this life-saving treatment cost us nothing – he had the best possible treatment at our local public hospital.

“From then on, I have always been of the belief that I would do whatever I could to help, so I became a supporter of the hospital foundation – Wishlist.”

Wishlist funds vital medical equipment, hospital accommodation and support services like the Clown Doctor service, Calm Fairies and therapy dogs to visit children at the Children’s Ward at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Help make the hospital experience better for you and your family, join our community of monthly givers and make a regular $10 tax-deductible donation today.

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