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Meet Hootie the Coastal Caring Clown

19th February, 2021

1. What is your clown name?

They say that Owls are Wise, but I also see them as fun cuddly birds with big eyes, hearts of gold, lots of love, and always having a “hoot”. So I became “Hootie” the Owl in honour of these gorgeous birds who make me smile.

2. How long have you been volunteering with the Coastal Caring Clowns?

I have my 6th birthday coming up in March! I am so excited as I think when you turn 6 you are now old enough to start Clown School..

3. Can you tell us a story of a visit to a memorable patient?

I love all the jokes we hear, the “intrigue” reactions to our magic, the interesting chats with inspiring patients and their families, being in awe of the amazing SCUH staff, and the smiles bestowed upon us constantly. I also really enjoyed the talented teenage boy who serenaded us with his magical Guitar last month whilst in the hospital bed – his music touched my soul and I look forward to seeing him on Australia’s Got Talent one day.

4. Tell us something about you that others may not know?

My grandfather was “Mr Magic” on TV many, many years ago. My Father, sister and I have followed in his entertainment footsteps and now enjoy clowning together and using Laughter as the Best Medicine.

5. What days do you visit the Children’s Ward at SCUH?

Coastal Caring Clowns love to visit the Children’s Ward at SCUH on Friday mornings 😊