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Meet Fabio the Frog volunteer Michaella

28th August, 2018

They might be our smallest patients, but making sure the kids in our paediatric wards can provide feedback about their hospital experience is a big priority.

Thanks to the Wishlist-funded Fabio the Frog project, dedicated volunteers like Michaella can visit kids and their families in hospital and use the fun and dynamic Fabio the Frog app to record valuable information about their stay.

Armed with an iPad, Michaella donates her time each week to this important project, which is run entirely by Wishlist volunteers.

We had a chat with Michaella to hear more about her volunteering efforts.

Fabio the Frog volunteers
Photo: Fabio the Frog volunteers, Jane, Sandy, Michaella and Brooke.

When did you join the Fabio the Frog team? I joined the Fabio the Frog team early in January this year.

Why did it appeal to you? I really enjoy volunteering and meeting new people. I was looking for somewhere to volunteer in the community and thought this was a fun project to help out with and meet new people.

Do you have a particularly memorable story or patient? Not one person in particular, but I think the most memorable part of the job is seeing the faces of the sick children light up when we mention the word ‘teddy’ or show the cartoon of Fabio the Frog. I remember this one time, when myself and Sandy where surveying a parent while the child laid in bed not saying anything. The moment Sandy asked her if she wanted a teddy, the girl was up out of the bed excitedly showing Sandy her toy collection from her time in hospital. She was so happy, it’s always rewarding seeing the happy smiles of the children when we visit.

What are the challenges of your role? I guess the most challenging thing in this role is seeing so many sick children. We have a great support unit amongst the volunteers in the project and Wishlist though, so whenever anyone is particularly affected we always take time to debrief.

What is the best thing about volunteering for Wishlist? The best thing about volunteering for Wishlist is the amazing group of staff and volunteers I have met and become friends with. Without the lovely ladies I volunteer with, it wouldn’t be as rewarding and fun! I always leave the Wishlist office with a massive smile.

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