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Local students make a difference to kids in hospital

30th January, 2019

Students of Chevallum State School generously assembled and donated gift packs to their local hospital foundation to be given to children staying in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital over the Christmas holidays.

These gift School donationpacks were filled with hand-made teddy bears, colouring-in books and other goodies.

The hinterland school’s ‘butterfly effect’ project, encouraged students to become change agents in their local community.

Chevallum school teacher, Danae Kunkel, said they wanted the kids to learn about how they could make a positive difference in the world.

“We looked at how other children in the world have made a difference, and at different social and environmental issues that occur locally and globally.

­ “We investigated different charities and problems around the Sunshine Coast that students were passionate about.

The students were all passionate about helping sick children in hospital, and were inspired by a boy who made teddy bears for paediatric ward,” Ms Kunkel said.

They watched a clip about a boy called Campbell (Project 365) who makes teddy bears for children in hospital. They were inspired by the difference he made, and began investigating how they could have the same positive effect locally.

The gifts were donated to the paediatric ward just in time for Christmas, and they brightened a lot of faces over the holidays.