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Guest’s gift to Wishlist Volunteers

21st September, 2021

Reed House volunteers, Wendy and Narelle always go the extra mile to make our guests feel at home.

Providing an extra set of ears for guests in the midst of a health crisis, Wendy and Narelle never expect anything in return. ​

The Wall family recently stayed at Reed House when their son Eli had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

They crafted the ladies these coffee cups, with a spunky looking (Wishlist) logo on the front. Check out below the Wall’s feedback:

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you two beautiful ladies for the amazing amount of support and care you showed to myself and and my family during our stay at Reed House in June/July after Eli had his tonsils and adenoids removed.”

​”I was blown away by your kindness and it made our stay so much less stressful, especially when Dad had to return home before us for work.

​”Things like bringing up board games to keep Eli entertained, remembering our names, sorting out an extra bed, checking in on us and updating us on Covid restrictions.

​”I have made these cups for you as a small token of our appreciation and hopefully a reminder to you that you make such a big difference just by being you.

“Thank you again for being there for us. A huge thank you as well to all of your wonderful team that were behind the scenes as well.”

​Kind regards, ​

Cassy, Dan & Eli

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