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92.7 MIX FM's GIVE ME 5

All through June, 92.7 MIX FM along with a host of volunteers, community organisations, and local businesses, are getting together to raise funds for child health services on the Sunshine Coast.

Supporting sick kids on the Sunshine Coast

92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 appeal is a month-long festival of fundraising which raises money for children’s health services on the Sunshine Coast, so far raising almost $6 million for our youngest patients at local public hospitals.

The year’s ‘Wish List’ includes vital health staff positions to provide greater access to important services for kids doing it tough, as well as young pregnant women. See the complete ‘Wish List’ below.

The appeal has always provided the extras that simply would not be available to our families if it weren’t for the generosity of the Sunshine Coast community.

Every year all proceeds raised are directed towards the needs of our local children’s ward, paediatric critical care unit, youth mental health services, emergency and outpatients departments and more through the provision of new equipment, educating our health staff and provide services that otherwise wouldn’t be available to families without Give Me 5. All donations have made a child’s hospital stay a little bit brighter.

Every cent counts. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Give Me 5 Events

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Gentleman’s Gathering

Gather the boys for some great food, beers and banter with special guest Billy Moore at Augellos on Friday 26th August.

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2022 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 Wish List

  • Dedicated nurse for Adolescent and Young Adult patients needing medical treatment at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Across Queensland, there has been a 469% increase of 14-25 year old’s presenting to hospitals, which includes the Sunshine Coast. Establishing a dedicated service will support young people most in need. 

  • Clinical Nurse full-time position for 12 months to work in the Children’s Plus program (Child Protection Liaison Unit). This nursing position will establish continuity of maternity care for high-risk child protection cases. There is simply not enough time for the team currently to follow up on these complex cases which often involve domestic violence and trauma. This position will make the world of difference to at-risk pregnant young women.

  • Funding to continue the Calm Fairies service. Our Calm Fairy visits children at some of the most daunting times a child might experience in hospital and helps to calm and distract them. The Calm Fairy also brings relaxation and coping techniques to children in hospital after a procedure.

  • Funding to continue the Clown Doctors service which has also been extended to youth mental health. Our Clown Doctors are a welcome distraction for kids in hospital. 

  • Purchase of a HiPac chair for Birthing Services to improve comfort and pain relief for birthing women needing an epidural. Cost: $9,790

  • Installation of wall art in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital birthing suites to create a calming environment. Cost: $11,032

  • Paediatric Acute Emergency Management Plan Project to help between 100-150 children each year with complex and rare medical conditions. Cost: $9,500

  • Resources for the Jabba Jabba Child Health Team at Nambour to improve access and fund equipment for hearing screening. Cost: $8,299

  • Help a patient stay close to hospital. Donate a free night’s stay to a family in need of accommodation close to a hospital.

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