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Funding to help prevent domestic violence

9th December, 2021

Preventing domestic violence and ensuring healthy relationships into adulthood was the hot topic for 20 Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service staff who recently undertook a Wishlist-funded Adolescent Violence Prevention training program.

As part of Wishlist’s Staff Scholarship grants, $12,000 has been directed to upskilling school-based nurses and youth support coordinators in two innovative programs: Rules of Relationships and Feeling FANTAstic earlier this month.

School Based Health Nurse Jennie Morris said the Rules of Relationships program was created in response to growing concerns of teenage relationship abuse directed toward women and young girls.

“The course is designed to support the development of healthy, respectful, egalitarian gender relationships and identities to help reduce the risk of violence in the short term, and to provide a sound foundation for healthy gender relationships into adulthood,” Jennie says.

“It’s an early intervention adolescent preventative program consisting of eight modules with fun activities and discussions designed to equip adolescent males with the knowledge and skills to abstain from relationship abuse.”

The ‘Feeling FANTAstic’ program also looked at cognitive behavioural therapy approaches to assist teenagers with several skills including problem-solving, social modelling, identifying conditional beliefs and more.