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3rd June, 2018

Darlene Streek has truly been to hell and back, but the gruelling four-year journey that eventually led to her becoming the full-time carer of husband Ron sent her on a new life path.

“Why is God taking my beautiful man,” she thought.

After a heart-breaking diagnosis that numbered the days of her beloved partner’s life, Mrs Streek said she spiralled through all the stages of grief almost immediately.

“Some of us grieve after death; I was experiencing mine while caring for him,” she said.

Strong and determined to fight his Non-SpecificInterstitial Pneumonitis, Mr Streek worked as a plumber for over three years post-diagnosis, however, he was forced
into retirement just nine months before he died.

“That nine-month span was the most meaningful, hardest, gut-wrenching time of my life,” she said.

Last week Australia honoured National Palliative CareWeek.

Nurse Unit Manager Clodagh Barwise-Smith.
Nurse Unit Manager Clodagh Barwise-Smith.

Events across the nation were held to raise understanding for the service and also attempted to answer one question, what matters most?

For Mrs Streek it was about life’s little luxuries, whether that was a morning walk or the
occasional scene scape.

The 68-year-old shared her story at the Kawana Community centre to families and carers currently travelling down a similar road.

She addressed many subjects including the importance of self-care, allowing oneself to grieve and gave a perspective of what care facilities on the Sunshine Coast really offer.

“I have now volunteered at Dove Cottage Palliative Care for nearly three years and have found it the most peaceful and beautiful environment. All your needs are catered for,” she said.

“To spend your last days in this environment is truly special and it is a privilege to volunteer alongside this dedicated team.”

Mrs Streek hopes her story and last week’s awareness campaign will help shed a  sparkle of light for those facing utter darkness.

Story by Annie Caughey – Maroochy Weekly

* Wishlist funds Music Therapy for patients Dove Palliative Care at Caloundra at a cost of $18,180 per annum. Wishlist also funds regular visits from Delta Therapy Dogs to the unit. If you can help, please consider donating here.