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Doctor’s Orchestra spreads musical joy at local hospital

11th March, 2019

Wishlist have funded the delivery of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s newest addition. A grand piano.

The piano was donated by the Queensland Medical Orchestra to bring music to the hospital and its community.

Member of the Orchestra, Michael Lam, said the “6ft concert grand piano” was part of their service to the community.

“We know that music is one of those things that connect people.

“Music also has a really good therapeutic function. Hospitals are a place where people are often stressed, supporting loved ones, getting bad news or celebrating good news—the piano takes away from the ‘clinical’ feel of the hospital and helps people to calm down.

“We also think the piano is a reminder that the hospital is filled with people helping people. And we might be doctors and nurses and administrators, but we’re people as well, and we all connect of over the simple things, like music,” said Mr Lam.

The grand piano is currently on Level 1 of the Hospital and is available to anyone wishing to share their musical talents.

In just a week, there have been many touching moments when members of staff playing the piano have been joined by other colleagues and patients—filling the hospital with soothing sounds and well-known melodies.  

The positive feedback has been overwhelming with one witness posting on Wishlist’s facebook page that they’d “never seen anything like this in a hospital before…It was truly beautiful.”

Wishlist CEO, Lisa Rowe, said the piano was a beautiful addition to the hospital, adding to the foundations support of music as a therapeutic tool.

“We know only too well the value of music in lifting the spirit and soothing the soul, through the music therapy program at Dove Palliative Care, funded by donations. 

“Wishlist also funded the Music Therapy program in the Children’s Ward for many years,” said Ms Rowe.

The piano’s arrival coincides with a performance by the Australian Doctors Orchestra at the Kawana Community Centre on May 12—offering some special music therapy for the entire Sunshine Coast.

The Australian Doctors Orchestra (ADO) is a unique national fellowship of medical professionals who are also classically trained musicians.

On 10, 11 and 12 May 2019, up to 100 members of the Australian Doctor’s Orchestra from around the country will converge on the Sunshine Coast to share two days of final rehearsals culminating in a performance on Sunday afternoon at the Lake Kawana Community Centre.

All the proceeds of this concert will be donated to Wishlist. Tickets can be purchased from