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Wishlist directs $10K to benefit heart failure patients

21st September, 2022

Heart failure patients across the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) will soon have access to a smartphone based interactive system, proven to reduce rehospitalisation and enhance patient care.

SCHHSS Director of Heart Failure Services Dr Joshua Martin and Nurse Practitioner Kerrie Hall worked together with their team to apply to Wishlist for funding the $10,000 project. Dr Martin said the smartphone app, developed by software developer Net-Health, will be integral for meeting the growing demand of patients requiring treatment in the region.  

 “The number of patients managed by the SCHHS heart failure service is growing significantly. These patients represent a significant burden on the health service particularly those who have frequent hospitalisation and extended lengths of stay,” Dr Martin said.   

The easy-to-use app for patients and their families will record a patient’s ‘real time’ vital signs, weight and fluid intakes as well as sending electronic reminders to take their medications promptly.  

“The data collected from the app will link to the heart failure team at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and trigger alerts when patients are not adhering to treatment, and also allowing for early identification of deteriorating patients so we can implement community-based care earlier on,” he added.

Not only will the app be cost effective to the health service, patients and their support network can now be confident their condition is being monitored closely from home by highly skilled health professionals.

“We see significant potential to improve the reach of our service to some of our most vulnerable patients in remote locations.”

The project will be supported by SCHHS Senior Pharmacist Jane Hart-Davie’s previous successful application to Wishlist, requesting $10,000 to fund a Cardiology Pharmacist in the Outpatient Clinic. The Pharmacist will work closely with heart failure patients to assess their suitability to prescribed medicines and educate them on their personal treatment journey.

SCHHS colleagues Dr Josh Martin & Kerrie Hall teamed up to secure this vital funding for the Cardiology department and patients.

“Once again we are very grateful and so excited to receive this grant from Wishlist and put it to good use. We will look forward to assessing the impact it will have for our patients and encourage fellow health staff to apply for project funding when Round 2 opens January 23 next year.”