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Anniversary Gift Like No Other

23rd April, 2021

Brisbane couple Kyla and Jesse Winika will never forget their first wedding anniversary, and chances are they will never be able to match it either. Kyla, who was 32 weeks pregnant and her husband were celebrating their anniversary with a short getaway to Rainbow Beach in October last year when Kyla’s waters broke.  “We got to Rainbow Beach on the Saturday morning and then as I was falling asleep that night my waters broke,” Kyla says. “We really didn’t know what to do so we called our hospital in Redcliffe and they recommended getting to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) as soon as possible. “My husband packed up the AirBnB in a hurry and we left at midnight headed straight to SCUH.” During the two hour trip, Kyla’s contractions started 10 minutes away from SCUH and within 12 hours baby Amaya was born. Weighing just 2kg and born seven weeks prematurely, Amaya received life-saving care in the Neonatal Unit at SCUH.

“We live in Margate 75km away from SCUH,” Kyla says. “We needed to stay close to Amaya and were told about Wishlist House which is within walking distance to the hospital.” The Winika’s were able to stay at the six-bedroom ‘home away from home’ while Amaya was in hospital. “Wishlist House has meant we had our own space to rest, eat and sleep in between being at the hospital. “There was a lot of ups and downs and emotions in the two weeks we stayed and I often didn’t feel like being around people so it gave me time and space to rest with just my husband. “Being so close and convenient to the hospital meant we could get a break regularly and it wasn’t far to drive or walk when we were so tired. Also, just having a fridge and freezer meant we could eat homemade meals which was a huge help. “Wishlist House was amazing and made a huge difference to us coping and being able to stay on the Coast.” Amaya is now thriving at home with her parents in Brisbane. “SCUH is such a great hospital, all the staff were amazing and we truly appreciate all that Wishlist have done to accommodate us. It’s a special community to come together to build a house for families like us.”

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