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A word from Staff Scholar…

24th March, 2020

My name is Tanja Harris and I am a paediatric nurse from Gympie Hospital.

I started paediatric nursing in 1992 in Germany where I did my nurse’s training.

Wishlist Staff Scholarship recipient Tanja Harris.

I have worked in paediatric rheumatology in Germany, at the former Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and at the Caboolture paediatric unit before moving to Gympie, where I’ve been working on the paediatric unit since 2006.

I love our little unit and its team and I am grateful to Wishlist for providing me with financial support for my studies.

Having completed the studies for my certificate in paediatric nursing has solidified my paediatric knowledge and I enjoyed reflecting on paediatric practice with other students from paediatric units all over Australia.

I’m sharing my newly gained knowledge with my colleagues and NUM and we are incorporating this into our daily practice.