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60 seconds with new Wishlist Coffee House Manager

1st February, 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Simon Hausler. I’ve been privileged to be a chef all of my career starting from 1990 in Hastings Street, Noosa. Learning many facets of the industry and many styles of cooking, now I’m humble with my gained knowledge and find the industry to be in my blood.

Simon says he’s excited to be part of a foundation that contributes so much to the Coast community.

What are you most excited about joining Wishlist?

I’m excited to finally be able to contribute to Wishlist and feel that I can be serving the community and be a part of raising funds for others less fortunate. It’s important to me to feel a part of a contributing and growing team. As the new Wishlist Coffee House manager, I hope to bring new ideas from my three decades of chef experience.

What goals do you have for 2022 at Wishlist Coffee House Nambour?

Continue the production of good food, purpose, products, and especially coffee and friendly service to our valued customers. Not only the respected health staff that come daily but also all other patients that present themselves to us for their requirements or needs for snacks and meals we provide.