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Wishlist helps stroke patients find their feet

12th April, 2022

Wishlist has helped more stroke patients get off their feet at a speedier time thanks to funding a $2300 device for acute wards at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

4A Stroke and Neurology Ward Senior Physiotherapist Gemma Allinson said the Sara Steady device marks an exciting new chapter for Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and patients – previously the sought-after device would only be found at tertiary hospitals.  

“Stroke patients who’ve been bedbound and reliant on equipment to lift them out of bed – now have an active way to participate in transfers,” Gemma said.

“We know this device will help patients stand more and enhance their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Evidence supports standing practice in stroke survivors helps improve patient outcomes and decrease the risk of a subsequent stroke.

“As a team we are really grateful to Wishlist and the feedback from patients has been really positive.”

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