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1st Birthday for Wishlist Coffee House a Way to Say Thanks

15th April, 2014

logoThe Wishlist Coffee House celebrates its first birthday on Friday, and – like any doting parent – Wishlist is both proud and somewhat amazed at what it has achieved in just one year.

The kiosk, based at Gympie Hospital, has become an invaluable fundraising resource, raising more than $33,000 since it first opened for business at the end of March 2013.

Since then, volunteers have been serving up healthy, tasty food and beverages for the benefit of staff, patients and visitors with 100 percent of profits going back into the Hospital.

Wishlist has directed these funds to the Hospital’s priority equipment needs including 9,711 worth of Rehabilitation Equipment for the Allied Health Department, a Palliative Care Bed worth $13,248 and a $5,350 BP Monitor for the Specialist Outpatient Department.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said this successful result is due to the hard work of the volunteers who man the kiosk. “It’s exciting on the Wishlist Coffee House’s first birthday to see how its first profits have translated into such important and tangible equipment items that will make a world of difference to patients and medical staff in the Gympie community,” Ms Rowe said.

“The real stars of the show are the volunteers who give their time to run the kiosk and the community that supports it.”

Running the kiosk’s daily operation are volunteers like Julie Streat who has been serving up tasty treats at the Wishlist Coffee House “from day dot.”

“I really enjoy providing a great service that benefits hospital staff and patients, and I also enjoy the atmosphere and friendly banter and we all get on very well,” Julie says of her work at the kiosk. “It’s a great way to meet people, make new friends, gain new skills while using past life experience and feel proud knowing you are giving something back to the community. ”

More volunteers are needed now, so if you have a few hours to spare and would like to help out at the Wishlist Coffee House, please contact Wishlist on 5470 6598 or email                                        sc-wishlist@health.qld.gov.au.